Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kid Again?.... nah

The other day when I was walking to my son's school to pick him up, I was thinking how awesome it would be to be a kid again... no worries. As a kid get to go to school, see your friends almost every day, have recess, go to the library and participate in some fun activities like programming or soccer.  

But who am I kidding.  Being a kid isn't always easy.  Sure you don't have to worry about paying the mortgage but you also are not in control of your schedule.  You are always told what to do and when to do it.  It's human nature to romanticize the past.  I think the key is to focus on the great things in the present.  So with that, here's a list of some of the great things in my present:
  • I have a wonderful husband and two wonderful sons
  • I can control my schedule (for the most part)
  • I get to pick out what we have for dinner
  • I get to drink coffee every day
  • I can online shop  :) 
So, what are some of the great things in your present?